Solar Showers at Wildepaardejacht

The small boutique hotel, Wildepaardejacht, have just got their new Solar Shower installed. Now their guests can enjoy a nice warm shower before or after a swim in the pool - a shower that correlates with the hotel's sustainable strategy.

                      Two new models for Summer ! 

The 20L Curve and Our 35L Hexagon with rain shower head.

More customer feed back...

We are very happy to see a happy customer giving us feedback. "...amazing product and service.... finally... i have my outdoor shower (with THAT view)... and without any plumbing ..."

Thank you so much for that feedback Jennifer!

Solar Showers Exhibited at the Building Centre

It is now possible to view the Solar Shower at the Building Centre Exhibition at the North Gate Island Business Park, Cape Town.

Note it is not possible to purchase here.

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